This is going to sound really fucking corny, but I promise I mean this from the bottom of my heart: I treasure being able to push people to get outside of their comfort zone and watch them GROW! You can do so much if you will allow those positive thoughts of 'yes I can' flow through your mind. They call me an instructor, but I'm really your biggest hype man! 

Encinitas, CA

Mad appreciation for Hip-Hop from coast to coast sprinkled with some bangin' Pop/Soulful joints. No decade discrimination up in here. Not for weak (read: easily offended) ears. Hip-Pop hooray!

McCabe Park, Franklin Juice Co. on 12 South, Bicentennial Mall/The Capitol stairs, my condo [there's no place like home]


Since I started playing soccer in middle school, I've always tried to maintain an active lifestyle. It's a key ingredient of my life that truly makes me feel magical. Sure there are times that I'd rather be a sloth, but I never get that nice endorphin high when I sloth for too long. Breaking a sweat on the other hand? ALWAYS rewarding. I grew up watching my dad compete in marathons/half marathons and I thought he was out of his mind. Sooo, naturally I decided to dip my hand in the craziness starting in 2014 and I've completed 7 half marathons since. I've gotta say, you feel pretty fucking accomplished every single time you cross that finishline. [and shout out to those that have conquered the full 26.2 miles.. YOU GUYS ARE BEASTS!] I'm always game for trying new ways to sweat because I'm a human that likes variety, but running/indoor cycling/yoga might be coming in at a three-way tie for my favorite therapeutic forms of exercise.