Fitness has not only shaped by body, but it also has changed my outlook on life.  I've found an internal strength that I never knew existed within myself and want to share that with others. I live by believing failure is NEVER an option and if you decide you CAN, you WILL.  Nashville I want you to know that, embrace it and live it! I'm here to spread self-love and give you the most kick-ass 45 minutes cycling experience! 

Boston, MA (Go Patriots!!!)

Your guilty pleasures of today, tomorrow and yesterday! Think The Chainsmokers meets Jason Derulo meets Ellie Goulding meets Wiz Khalifa and everything else in-between. If it's on repeat in my head, you'll hear it on my playlist.  90s and early 2000s all genre throwbacks are a MUST! 

The Juice Bar, Virago, Bar Taco, Studio Novo, Shed Group Fitness, Percy Priest Lake, my pool


Wake Up. Sweat It Out. Eat Clean. Pursue Your Passions. Sleep. Repeat. To me those are the necessary elements of a successful, balanced & happy life.  If you had explained this process to me 3 years ago, I would have rolled my eyes, but today, and 80 lbs lighter to boot, I am a living testament to the above. I spent four years living in LA where I discovered the incredible benefits of group fitness, heavy emphasis on cycling.  It recharged my life and brought out a healthier and happier ME! I started at my worst and have slowly worked to create the best me, it wasn't easy but it's one of my most prized accomplishments. Recently relocating back to Nashville (Belmont alum here!) from LA I have brought my passion for fitness and cycling to Verticity and can not wait to see what this new chapter has in store for me and YOU.  

Wake up: praise God. Sweat it out: embrace the endorphins. Eat clean: fuel the body that carries me through life.  Pursue my passions: focus on making the world better, daily.  Sleep: recharge my body and mind.  Then do it all over again. (I can't WAIT for you to join me for the "sweat it out" part of my daily life!)