The Studio
our studio is located in the FARROW AT FIVE POINTS in east nashville: 1008 RUSSELL StREET, nashville, TN 37206

We're kicking so much ass that classes are filling up, therefore we have to put a 5 minute cutoff on check-in for class. If you're not there 5 minutes before the ride is scheduled to start, your bike may be given to a waitlisted rider. We also can no longer permit riders to check-in for class after the start time in order to keep all of the day's classes running on schedule. 

Here's what it means if you sign up for a waitlist:

If spots open up more than one hour before a class, the first person from the waitlist will be automatically added to the class and you'll receive an email just like when you sign up for regular classes. If you are automatically added, you have up until our twelve hour deadline to early cancel. 

You are still welcome to come to the studio before class where you may be put on a bike if we have any no-shows. Doors open 15 minutes prior to class time and close 5 minutes before class begins.

Any spot cancelled within 12 hours of class time is considered a late cancel and the class credit is not returned. A no show is considered a late cancel as well. If you cancel your bike more than 12 hours from class time, that credit remains in your account for future use. 

Expiration dates for classes are as follows:

Drop-In: 30 days
5 Class Pack: 60 days (2 months)
10 Class Pack: 120 days (4 months) 
20 Class Pack: 270 days (9 months) 


Parking is available along Russelll Street as well as in the lot behind VERTICITY. There are a few spots marked for residents only but any unmarked spot is available to our riders! In addition, you may park in the lot across S. 10th Street behind burger up, less than half a block away, where parking is free for 90 minutes!

On the map to the right, VERTICITY is marked by the blue circle, and parking is anywhere in green!