For me, sweating is therapy. It’s my “me” time, it’s getting out of my own head, my own way, and completely letting go. It provides a release that is felt by the act of doing. If ever I need to sort out how I feel, nine times out of ten I need to move; I go walk my dog or take a class. There is such an incredible emotional and mental component to fitness that is unobtainable any other way. It creates confidence and provides self-acceptance and that is why I love to teach.

Calgary, Alberta

Everything from Diplo to Whitney Houston. I love EDM (think BIG drops with tons of fun DANCE MOVES).

City House, Bastion, any coffee shop with a mean almond milk latte, Burger Up, and my front porch swing


Growing up in a big ski racing family in Canada, exercise was never something I had to do, it was something my body innately needed. After my third knee surgery (all by the time I was 22), my body craved that adrenaline rush; enter cycling. I started at Soul Cycle, in the back row, praying that this would be the workout my poor achy knees could handle. And it worked. I rode as often as my bank account would allow and I found complete refuge in that dark room. Cycling changed my body, it provided an escape for my overactive mind, and it gave my heart peace by simply riding with a group of strangers all after the same thing. I’ve taken my years as an athlete, the strength I’ve obtain through the disappointment of repetitive injury, and the desire to constantly be evolving into my classes. This is more than just an intense workout, it’s a workout sanctuary, where people can work through emotions in a safe room full of supportive riders.