Because most all of us are capable and strong and have the ability to get up and physically move. And when you set your mind to support the capabilities that each of our bodies have then we can move mountains. And that applies not only to physical movement but to every area of life. We each have the capacity and strength and capabilities and power to create real change.

My playlist sounds like
the 90s with a random sprinkle of current pop, a dash of soul and a whole lot of sass.

I have traveled the world and I could never pick just one. Traveling is my favorite!

Butchertown Hall, Silo, Bartaco


I am a true Nashville native born at what was formerly known as Baptist Hospital on Church Street and raised in West Meade & Bellevue. I have lived a very active lifestyle since I was almost old enough to walk, beginning with gymnastics, soccer, and dance as a child and adding track and cheerleading as I moved into high school. As an adult, health, fitness and being active is still very much a part of my every day. For me, it is something that I can give to myself daily that allows me an outlet for staying strong both mentally and physically, releasing and managing stress, and in-taking large amounts of oxygen while letting go of toxins. Fitness is challenging in a way that gives me the opportunity to truly push myself while receiving both immediate and tangible results which is harder to come by in the rest of my life. It also helps to keep me more clear headed because my daily workout is the time where I can empty my mind, disconnect from my day, embrace the burn and the heat and the sweat being fully present with myself, my body and my mind.