Maniac Monday - Meet Kenzie

Today we're celebrating Maniac Monday by getting to know pack leader Kenzie! This girl rides like she was born on a bike, but she grew up doing more skiing than cycling. Follow her journey from LA to Nashville and from rider to instructor! 


What's a day like in the life of Kenzie? 

I am definitely someone who thrives in some sort of routine. I’ve recently gone through a season where I didn’t have balance and my life felt a little all over, but just a few weeks ago I started a new job at Ramsey Solutions and I have been able to develop some consistency in my days (not to mention, I absolutely LOVE my new gig). I wake up early, take my beloved Millie for a walk to get her moving before I am gone all day. After work I’ll head to the studio (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and teach the 7PM class. The nights that I'm not teaching I'll take that precious time to invest in the amazing people in my life; dinner with friends, wine nights on my front porch, long puppy dates; simple yet meaningful is what I'm all about.

What are your workouts away from verticity?

Hot yoga, SHED Fitness, and Barry’s Bootcamp. Though I will be totally honest with you, juggling work, teaching, and personal time doesn’t leave a lot of room for me to do other workouts- I mean I get to teach the BEST full body workout there is ;)

Who is your dream rider?

Gina Meyers from Southern California. I took her classes at Soul when I lived in LA. She is on another LEVEL. Her love and commitment to every single rider is how I want to teach. She exudes passion and excitement, and her classes were crazy challenging, but I left every single time craving more. There were multiple moments I remember crying- her class is a release and that is truly a gift when you as an instructor can provide that to your riders.

What are you best eats at each meal?

I’m an almond milk latte girl. I start every morning with one, without fail. For breakfast I have a smoothie because I’m always racing out the door to head to work. Lunch is always something light, if I eat too much at lunch I feel sluggish the rest of the day. Dinner is pretty much whatever I have in my fridge. I eat A LOT of eggs and sweet potato. Oh, and avocado is a must at every meal.   

Guilty pleasures?

Dark chocolate and The Bachelor.

Things you can't live without? 

I rescued my dog Millie in LA two and a half years ago and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She and I moved across the country just over a year ago, I didn’t have a job, I didn’t know a soul. She has been there for me through it all, heart break, loss, moving, everything. She’s my world. I also can’t live without almond milk lattes- the obsession is real. 

What music is getting you super pumped up right now? 

Right now I’m feeling super inspired by all the new music coming out. New Music Fridays are my favorite. I’m loving IT ALL. 

Ride with Kenzie Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 7pm, and Saturdays at 10am.