Maniac Monday - Meet Christina

Welcome to our first Maniac Monday! Here we'll dive into the lives of our pack leaders each week, learning more about what they eat, how they sweat, and what moves them on and off the bike. 

Meet Christina! 

What's a day like in the life of Christina?

I am big on structure and having a plan! Work, life, travel, financially, etc. I still work for the same company I was employed with full-time back in Los Angeles and treat my days as if I was still working in my office back home. I wake up around 6:30 AM, blow through a pot of coffee, watch the news and read through my emails and Business Insider. If I have the time (given traffic or weather) I get a few mile run in or will hit Barry’s before work. 8 AM - 5 PM I get into my zone! I work for a company that manufactures research devices for the neuroscience community and manage multiple accounts in different countries. I wrap that up around 5 and depending on if I teach or not, I either head to the studio for my 6 PM class or to Hot Yoga! I cook all my meals. I am not what you would call a “meal prepper” or follow any of those fad detoxes or diets like The Whole 30 or Paleo, but am an advocate for a fit and healthy lifestyle and like to have control over what I put in my body. If I do eat out (which is not very frequent) I order what I want. You’re not only paying for the food at a restaurant but the experience! Enjoy yourself and have discipline at home!

What are your workouts away from Verticity?

My workouts away from Verticity vary. I am always open to try something new but running has been my passion for a long time. I prefer outdoor running over a treadmill anyway! There is no better mental clarity than the intense cardio workout while being at peace with nature. Aside that, I do love Barry’s Bootcamp for interval training and hot yoga to help relieve my muscles.

Who is your dream rider?

My dream rider is Pixie Acia! I started riding almost 5 years ago back home in West Hollywood. I have taken many instructors in Los Angeles (many who I love dearly still!) but Pixie’s class was special to me. She has a unique balance between being intimidating enough that you want to work hard and wouldn’t dare slack yet authentic and kind and motivating! That is rare if you ask me. She is kind, forgiving, an animal lover, and TRUELY cares about each individual rider. I have taken hundreds of her classes to date and I can honestly say not one class or playlist has ever been the same. She changed my life with her classes and I am truly grateful to give back to Nashville what has changed my life so much.

What are youR best eats at each meal?

If I had to pick one thing to eat the rest of my life it would be an avocado (must be a California thing). I am a creature of habit! I do believe that you need to listen to your body. If my body is craving meat, it is most likely because I need that and am lacking nutrients! If my body is craving carbs, I most likely am low on energy and need that as well. I eat with balance and listen to my body. I love vegetables, salads, fish, and have become rather creative with making “not-so-healthy” meals healthy! For example, I love pizza (don’t we all). I will make a tortilla pizza on ezekiel bread. Sprouted grain tortilla, light marinara, sprinkled cheese and some veggies! Fixes my pizza craving and not bad for you!

What are your guilty pleasures?

That is relative! If anyone knows me even slightly, I love taco’s and my Mexican food. Sorry Nashville but what you have here is NOT real Mexican food! In addition to food, I have a lot of different interests. I am a science nerd (I have to be to work in it), I watch ridiculous reality shows (makes me feel like I’m back home) and could eat pasta everyday if it didn’t have any consequences.

What can you not live without? 

I cannot live without my cat RICHARD! Call me a cat lady, crazy, weird, I don’t care. I’m shameless in my truth. I got him when he was too young to leave his mom 4 years ago and bottle fed his cute self. He came here from California with me and is my heart!

What music is getting you super pumped right now?

I have been on quite the DJ Quik binge mixed with some Stones lately!

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