Maniac Monday - Meet Julia

Julia's energy is contagious, which is how she gets her riders to give their all every. single. time. A professional songwriter, she loves all kinds of music and puts together some truly epic playlists to prove it. What does she do in her time off the bike? Find out what's behind that "woo!" in our chat with Julia! 

What's a day like in the life of Julia? 

Every day is different. Which I love/hate. I try to be as efficient as possible with my time but balance is, well, a balancing act. I don’t always get it right, sometimes I don’t even come close, but it’s worth it when I do. I make four priorities for everyday; sweat, songs, circles, me.   

SWEAT: I work out every day, whether that’s riding back to back classes at Verticity or taking a restorative yoga class to stretch and de-stress. Taking the time to make sure your mind, body, and soul are in a good place allows everything else to follow.

SONGS: I make sure I am creative every day; inspiration never comes to you, you have to chase it.  

CIRCLES: It’s very important for me to make time for the circle around me that’s made up of my local community, friends, and family. I volunteer regularly around the Nashville area (mainly at the Nashville Food Project). I love to go to rounds with my friends, call my mom regularly, and cook dinners with my husband. The love you put out into the world is reflected back to you.

ME: Making sure I make time to eat, sweat, but also to unwind at the end of every day whether it’s in between the pages of a good book or taking a long bath during a Netflix binge. You can’t run at 100 all day if you don’t slow your roll every once in awhile. 

What are your workouts like away from Verticity?

I’ve been a runner my whole life so if I’m not in the studio, I’m probably on the Music City Greenway or in Percy Warner Park. To balance out cycling and running, I’ve been sweating with Barre3 and exploring Nashville with ClassPass.

Who is your dream rider?

Good vibes only! Anyone who wants to sweat/dance/woo/grow is my dream rider. My goal is to help you find something you didn’t know you had burning within you, letting it shine, and enjoying the ride. Literally. Except for the intervals. Those aren’t enjoyable.

Also, I think Dave Grohl was born to be part of the #ManiacPack.

What are your best eats at each meal?

Turkey, turkey, turkey.  

For breakfast every morning I have turkey bacon, scrambled egg whites, sprouted grain toast with avocado which adds up to over 30 grams of protein in less than 300 calories. I find that if I start my day off healthy, the rest of the day falls in line.

I aim for my lunch and dinner to consist of half a plate of green (typically a kale/romaine salad), a lean meat (turkey typically) and some sort of complex carb (sweet potato, whole wheat pasta, etc). I try to cook all of my own food so I know what goes into it, and also, I love to cook!

But let’s be real, finding balance can be hard, especially in the Hot Chicken capitol of the world.  Don’t be too hard on yourself when we run into each other at Fox’s Donut Den. It may not be good for your body, but sometimes it’s good for the soul.

Guilty pleasures?

Sleeping in.

Things you can't live without? 

Audiobooks! I’m always running around between co-writes and classes and listening to books in the car has doubled the number of books I get through. It makes me feel like I’m not wasting away sitting in Nashville traffic. I’m currently working on The Light Between Oceans, but some of my recent favorites have been Fates & Furies, World War Z, and My Cousin, Rachel.  

What music is getting you super pumped up right now? 

I’m currently obsessed with “My Shot” off The Hamilton Mixtape featuring The Roots, Busta Rhymes, Joell Ortiz and Nate Ruess of fun.  I’ve been trying not to drive anyone crazy by playing it too often in my classes.

In the shower I’ve been singing along to a lot of Sia, Maren Morris, Kendrick Lamer, Bebe Rexha and Ryan Adams.

Ride with Julia Tuesdays at 1:00PM, Wednesdays at 1:00PM and 6:00PM, Fridays at 5:00PM and 6:00PM, and Sundays at 11:00AM.