Kimberly's Story

Coowner Kimberly Novosel shared her personal story recently on her website, and we wanted to give you the chance to read it as well. Here's her WHY for starting Verticity:

The first morning I got on a bike it was 8 am in TriBeCa. I went as part of a group outing with some women I was newly working with, and to say I went hesitantly is to put it mildly. To be more precise, I had already figured I would hate every one of the 45 minutes, plus the hour of dread beforehand and probably also the lasting pain afterward. And I kind of wasn't wrong. 

It was hard. Really, really hard. I couldn't keep up. I didn't know what was happening a lot of the time. My legs tired very early in the class. I was nervous and embarassed and beyond physically uncomfortable. What I watched other riders do seemed impossible for me. 

So I did what I do when facing anything that challenges me: I ran toward it. Five classes, I promised myself. I would take five classes and if I disliked it still I wouldn't have to go back. At least then I would know it wasn't because I "couldn't."

I sat on the right side of the room near the wall, where in the moments I needed it most I could literally reach out and touch the word "warrior" on the wall next to me. I sweat more than I've ever sweat in my life. My body grew stronger. My legs could endure longer. I often cried onto my handlebars. In those days I was buying groceries with spare change. I was lonely in my relationship. I didn't know what my next steps were in life. It was on a bike that I decided to leave New York, even though I loved the city so much. It was on a new bike that I found a community at my next stop in Portland. It was on a bike that I decided what I wanted most, that I could take care of myself, and what I would stand for in life. It was on a bike that I found my best self.

When I moved back to Nashville to start PMG, there wasn't a bike for me here, but I needed one. I needed to be consistently reminded of what I'm capable. I needed to remind others that they are warriors too. I needed something to challenge me every day to live my best life as my most amazing self. I needed a community of people who see life the way I do, with the volume up all the way and sweat running into their eyes. I needed to do my part to inspire this city I love so much. I needed something to fuel the power of turning in my life. 

So along with my friend and business partner LB, we began planning and planning and searching and building. And now, more than a year after we gave it a name, we are finally able to share this news with you.

Let me introduce you to our cycling studio, coming to East Nashville in 2016. It's called Verticity, which means the power of turning.

Consider this your invitation, and your challenge. 


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