Announcing Our Official Location!


We signed our lease yesterday! Read on to find out where... 

We signed our lease yesterday! Read on to find out where... 

When we first began planning VERTICITY nearly two years ago, it was a dream to think that anyone would be as excited as we were about our vision. We often feel a little bit like outcasts, our own two-person Wolfpack, running around town in all-black Luon and Nike sneakers, sipping coffee by the gallon, building our own empires, knowing that we have something to share with a community that just has to be out there somewhere.

As the vision for VERTICITY, the studio and the community of people, began to form, we hoped that other wolves like us would hear the call and run to join us. Never did we imagine how many of you there were - and this is just the very beginning!

Nashville is a city of outcasts, full of unfathomable ambition, who are both dreamers and doers. And now we'll have a place to gather, side by side on bikes that don't go anywhere, to pedal, sprint, climb, and lift. Together we will push past those limits that we just know don't exist anyway. We will sweat and cry, we will grow stronger, we'll explore how very much we are capable of. 

Thank you! Thank you for letting us know you are one of us. Thank you for showing us how excited you are for this thing we are working hard to create. Thank you for stepping up to the call to join us in seeking out our best selves, together. 

We aren't VERTICITY, Lindsay and Kimberly. WE ARE VERTICITY, all of us. 



Today we get to welcome you to the pack by making you the first to know our official location:


In East Nashville, on Russell Street between 10th and 11th: 

Opening late-summer!

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