Maniac Monday - Meet Kimberly

Pack Leader and Co-owner Kimberly helms the front desk a lot of mornings and loves some tap backs. But what is her life like outside of the studio? In this week's Maniac Monday she tells us more about her favorite eats (hint: Pad Thai takeout!), her love of Carrie Underwood, and what her day is like following those early mornings. 

What's a day like in the life of Kimberly?

Early and busy! I'm up before 5am most days and at the studio before 6am. I don't mind - I like being up before the sun and feeling like I get a lot done before most people are headed to work. After the morning rides I work on tasks for my other business, Press Management Group, where I'm an artist manager for country musicians and other creatives. It may be emails or photo shoots, show rehearsals or team meetings. 

If I didn't ride in the morning I may hit an afternoon yoga class or when the weather is warmer I'll go for a midday run. Afternoon workouts are my favorite because it's like hitting the restart button on my energy for the day, and I can get back to work afterward with renewed focus! After a simple but healthy dinner and glass of wine and maybe a little reading or writing, I'm in bed plenty early to get up and do it all again the next day.

What are your workouts away from Verticity? 

I love a good power flow yoga class! Something that gets me warm and keeps me moving, and makes me feel both strong and relaxed. I get plenty of intensity on the bike! I also love to run. It's a great way to see the city, and I'll do a couple of 5Ks or 10Ks each year in different places. 

Who is your dream rider?

I especially love a rider who comes in for more than just a workout, who is searching for some inner strength or inspiration, and who is open to taking that adventure wherever their gut is telling them to go. I've learned so much about myself on the bike and I hope for that for all of our riders too. Also, if Carrie Underwood came in I'd certainly be thrilled, and I think she'd love it. Come ride with us, Carrie! 

What are your best eats at each meal?

Iced coffee for breakfast, then eggs with veggies and avocado for lunch, and fish with veggies for dinner. I have to have something sweet after a meal, but my healthy go-to for that craving is pineapple. When I eat out I'm more lenient. My meals range from a big ole salad to a burger and fries, or favorites like tacos or sushi. 

Guilty pleasures? 

Crime shows! Dexter is my favorite show ever. I also like The Killing and The Fall on Netflix, and right now I'm working my way through Criminal Minds. If I'm taking it easy for an evening, I'll watch a few episodes and order in some Pad Thai and Thai tea. Another guilty pleasure is sparkling wine in a can. It comes with a little pink straw. Dreamy! 

Things you can't live without?

Travel! I moved away from Nashville for a few years and lived in Brooklyn and then Portland, OR. Both places felt like home and I have to go back to each at least once a year. I love to explore local hangs in new cities too and make them feel like home, even if just for a few days. 

What music is getting you super pumped right now?

The newest Lady Gaga record is BOMB. I love how she's taken her pop music success and brought into it more of the depth that we've come to know her for personally. I want to start every one of my rides with "John Wayne" where in the intro she talks about how much she loves cowboys, saying, "Can I just hang off the back of your horse and can you go a little faster!?" Yes, Gaga, I get you!