Maniac Monday - Meet Kelsey

Kelsey Cox is the newest addition to our team of Pack Leaders! As our Master Trainer/Master Instructor, she'll be bringing her years of coast-to-coast experience to the bike to teach y'all some killer hair-flipping rides as well as train our new instructors as our team continues to grow. Originally from San Diego and most recently from Boston, Kelsey tells us a little about her new-to-Nashville life (Local Taco has already offered to carve her name in a chair), her cycling-obsessed family, and the only leggings she'll work out in. 

What's a day like in the life of Kelsey?

Haha this is a terrible time for me to answer this question. I moved to Nashville 2 weeks ago and have no sort of routine yet (which actually drives me crazy- I love a routine), but I dove head first into my role as Master Instructor at Verticity and have loved every minute of it! 

Today I’ll snooze my alarm at least twice, drink some black coffee, then head to the studio for morning classes. I’ll ride one and watch one, then give some feedback on how to make a probably fantastic class even better (How great are these instructors?! I am so proud of how much they have grown and worked their butts off to do it!). Next I’ll come home, eat breakfast, do some chores, answer emails, and start hunting for my second job (I’m a board-certified physician assistant) all while blasting songs for tonight’s playlist. I have to leave my place in Hillsboro Village early to get to the studio for class (you all know what happens there, but if we haven’t met- come ride with me!). After class, it’s girls' night at my friend’s house to watch The Bachelor, then home for a little late night TV with my boyfriend and falling asleep by 11pm. Tomorrow will be totally different. Nashville life is a new adventure right now and I’m really enjoying it!

What are your workouts away from verticity?

I love boutique fitness and Nashville has everything! Barry’s Bootcamp, Cardio Barre, Title Boxing – East Nashville (Hey neighbor!), and hot yoga are my favorites! I like running every now and then too, but only if it is at least 60 degrees outside.

Who is your dream rider?

My family! My mom, dad, and younger sister (who is way cooler than me) all cycle. Seriously, our Christmas card last year was a picture of us on spin bikes after one of my classes. My family is a testament to the fact that anyone can benefit from this workout. My sister has always been a super athlete, but my parents crush some serious sprints and corners too!

What are your best eats at each meal?

Local taco, local taco, local taco. Just kidding, but I’ve been there a lot since I’m always at the studio and the philly cheese steak taco is amazing! Breakfast food is my favorite- pulled pork eggs benedict was my ultimate meal in Boston! Anyone got a Nashville brunch place for me with an equivalent? Lunch- tacos, sushi, leftovers. I’m always on the go, so whatever is convenient. I try to cook dinner most days. Last night I made the best chickpea burrito recipe from Thug Kitchen

Guilty pleasures?

HGTV, specifically Property Brother’s marathons, and Michi leggings. They are the only leggings I work out in, period. I have 10+ pairs and at least 5 more on my wish list.

Things you can't live without? 

I know it’s the corny stereotypical answer, but I couldn’t live without my family. They are the best! But also, my MacBook (my life is on there) and my Beats.

What music is getting you super pumped up right now? 

I love all of the awesome remixes one of my best friends (also a spin instructor) has been sending me. You’ll probably hear some of them in class! Tropical house is my favorite genre off the bike and Thomas Jack will always be my number one.