Maniacs! We welcomed three incredible new Pack Leaders this fall and haven't yet introduced them here properly, so gear up for some new Maniac Monday posts! This week we're talking with Stephen about his life off the bike as a Youth Pastor, his love of the Preds, and his dog Murphy's reaction to the F-bomb. Trust us, read on! 

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What's a day like in the life of you? 

As a youth pastor, when I'm not sending emails...who am I kidding? Emails are like 90% of what I do during work hours (other 10% of the day spent trying to get endorsed by la Colombe Coffee Roasters). But after hours?!?!?!?! Sending emails without formal greetings...

What are your favorite workouts away from VERTICITY?

I grew up playing a lot of ice hockey. When I get the chance, I love to play pick up hockey at the local rink. That's always an ample sweat. If you missed out on the Halloween Ride, I wore my hockey helmet and gloves. I'm pretty sure I burned like 4 million (+/- a dozen) calories.

Who is your dream rider?

Besides my fiancé, Probably Ryan Ellis of the Nashville Predators, but he's injured, so I'd settle for Ryan Johansen. Or maybe a double date ride: Mike Fisher and his wife, and Anna and me!

What are you best eats at each meal?

Breakfast: Iced Coffee
Lunch: Ice runoff from said iced coffee
Dinner: The cheapest form of protein because iced coffee can get pricey

Guilty pleasures?

When I have the rare cheat day from my strict aforementioned diet, I enjoy a good bourbon, or, if I'm not too lazy to make one, a Paloma from good tequila. 

Things you can't live without? 

I couldn't live without my dog Murphy, of course! I've recently learned that when he hears the f-word, his instinct is to immediately cuddle with the perpetrator (of course never me!). So next time you see him in the studio, drop an f-bomb and prepare to be cuddled!

What music is getting you super pumped up right now?

Most any remix done by Vanic gets me pumped up. His edit on Big Sean's Bounce Back will forever be my go-to. 

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