Kelsey’s Guide to Buying Your Own Cycling Shoes

If you're riding regularly, one of the best feelings there is (other than those two pound weights feeling lighter) is being able to bring your own cycling shoes to class! But what kind to buy, and what's the deal with those cleats? Kelsey gives us the scoop:

Where to buy?

You can purchase shoes at sporting goods stores and bike shops, but if you prefer online and want a good deal has a good selection of shoes for as low as $40. has a big selection, but it is pricier. 

What type?

There are two main types of cleats used in cycling. We use SPD cleats at Verticity, so your shoes must be SPD compatible or “2-bolt compatible.”

Cleats are not included, so make sure you buy a set of SPD cleats and we can attach them to your shoes at the studio. 

There are also two main types of shoes – road shoes and mountain shoes. You can use either at Verticity. Road shoes have a smooth sole while mountain shoes have ridges around the SPD cleat that make it easier to walk when off the bike. Most mountain shoes are SPD compatible, while only some road shoes are SPD compatible, so read the description for “2-bolt compatible” or look at the bottom of the shoes for two holes close together in the center of the sole near the ball of the foot.

What size?

Cycling shoes use European sizing so make a note of what size you rent at Verticity. Sizing varies by brand, so if you are buying online you might want to stick to Shimano (what we have) since the sizing will be similar. 

Still overwhelmed?

Email me at and I can help point you in the right direction ;)