Maniac Monday - Cross-training with Addie

CROSS-TRANING: Do you Novo? Because I LOVE to Novo!

It's Maniac Monday! Now that you've met our team of Pack Leaders, we'll be sharing with you a little more from them each week. From favorite recipes to glowing skin after a sweat sesh, check back each week to learn something new from this kickass team!

Today, Addie talks to us about cross training between Verticity rides and Studio Novo. 

Verticity (indoor cycling) || Studio Novo (Lagree fitness)

Studio Novo (Lagree fitness) || Verticity (indoor cycling)

These two methods of fitness are not only the perfect compliment to one another for a well-round week of workouts, but if you get me started talking about either I’ll hope you’ll find my passion for both is unmatched, and that is what helps me to keep progressing workout after workout. 

It’s pretty much guaranteed that at least one hour of each day is spent at either Verticity or Studio Novo – teaching, coaching or taking. You know my why with Verticity, but here’s my why with Studio Novo.

Personally, I get the best results from High Intensity, Low Impact workouts.  I love the rush of feeling my heart rate skyrocket and the post-class endorphin rush (it’s a real thing y’all, workout early and you DON’T need coffee); however, experiencing that with minimal impact on my body is key to faster recoveries and avoiding debilitating injury.  Combining cycling with Lagree at Studio Novo no only keeps all my workouts low impact, but it’s improved my overall cardio, strength, endurance, core, balance, and flexibility; lengthening and toning my muscles in unimaginable ways. (I’m not joking about the core strength, always down for a #plankchallenge to prove it!)

You perform Lagree on a Megaformer (immediately you think Pilates, but this is not Pilates!) The key is making each movement slow and intentional to engage your slow twitch muscle fibers (allowing the body to burn energy for longer periods of time).  As someone who loves tabata workouts, Novo has reshaped a lot of my fitness beliefs and proved to me that slow movements with constant tension can spike that heart rate oh so high, and yes, you’ll SWEAT…a lot! This workout allows me to center myself and engage every muscle group in my body (legs, arms, core, each oblique, etc.) over the course of 50 minutes, causing each muscle to fatigue and awakening the glorious Novo Shake. 

In addition to the phenomenal workout, the coaching staff is comprised of some of the kindest and most encouraging Lagree lovers in Nashville. You’ll never have the same workout twice and you’ll be motivated by upbeat music and maybe a joke or two!

Dying to try Studio Novo? First class is FREE, so sign up now!

If you’d like to see a familiar face, come find me:

Weds: 6:30 p

Sun: 10 & 11a

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