Maniac Monday - Cross-training with Kimberly

My very favorite ways to get sweaty aside from riding at VERTICITY are a great vinyasa flow yoga class, running, and hiking. This past weekend I put my love of the outdoors together with my half-marathon training and took to the trails for my first trail run! I started my Saturday with REI's outdoor school class to learn more about it, and then hit the trail for 2.4 miles. It was actually so much less scary than I expected. Of course, the trail has some greater challenges, the greatest of which is the uneven terrain, but it was really natural to look ahead and adjust my steps as needed. 

At REI's Outdoor School "Trail Running Basics" class, they suggest looking 3-6 feet ahead as you run. They also encourage you not to hunch over but to remain upright when you're going uphill, which is a great reminder for any type of runner! The benefits of trail running include softer ground verses street/sidewalk running which is better for your joints, and the uneven terrain can strengthen more of your feet, ankles, and legs which can make you a better road runner as well. Not to mention the fresh air and beautiful scenery!

Sunday I hit up one of my favorite yoga studios in town, Inner Light Yoga, for Emmy's Vivid Flow class. I love her music choices and her attitude, and the class was a perfect blend of challenging and uplifting (two things we love here at VERTICITY too!). Definitely sore today from all the chaturangas! If you haven't been yet, be sure to check out ILY!! 

Cheers to my fellow weekend workout warriors!