Allee's impact on her riders and on our team is undeniable. From her calming, mystical nature to her infectiously high energy on the bike, she seems to meet everyone's needs. Riders tell us all the time they need more Allee in their lives, and we feel the same way! Luckily, since she's yoga instructor, leader at lululemon, and founder of the about-to-launch Offerings Spirit Co., there are plenty of places to find Allee. We chatted with her about her life on and off the bike here. Happy Maniac Monday!

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What's a day like in the life of you?

On the run, problem solving, creating, dreaming, recovering, listening, and holding space. I love my life for its fluidity and ability to transform day to day, moment to moment. Like the connection between mind and body, my life ebbs and flows between high direction and organization and beautiful chaos. Between moments of grinding and fueling my path inspired by the incredible people with whom I'm surrounded in my various workplaces, &  complete surrender, silence, and serenity (IE: lavender, old records, candles, and a good bottle of red).

What are your favorite workouts away from VERTICITY?

Yoga is my love language--on on off the mat, it doesn't matter. It's how I practice being alive.

A real challenge to my body and mind is hot yoga, particularly at Hot Yoga East Nashville or CorePower Yoga in Brentwood.

Who is your dream rider?

My dream rider doesn't exist in my mind, in anyone's really. I am my own dream rider, trying my best to sweat, head-band, sing, scream, dance, and heal all during the journey of a class. Are you your own dream rider?

Guilty pleasures?

That'd be NETFLIX and binge-watching the best television shows of all time: The Office, New Girl, and Parks & Rec... in that order.

Things you can't live without?

I'm practicing non-attachment, or aparigraha. But if I'm being super real, my growing crystal collection is pretty hard to live without--they're just so damn vibey and beautiful.

What music is getting you super pumped up right now?

I've turned in to a rave baby on the bike as of late--anything Bassjackers, Yellow Claw, or over 140bpm (you're welcome, sprinters). 

Off the bike, Norah Jones is fueling my turn of the season spirit once again. Croon-on, mama.