Maki may have started out as a rider, but we knew from the start that he belonged on the podium. Whether he's motivating you with his contagious positive energy, entertaining you with his dance moves, or bringing the party (likely with some Bieber), his challenging classes are always a blast. And he's just as much fun to be around off the bike, too. To get to know Maki AKA team Dad, read on. 

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What's a day like in the life of you?

There is always a lot of food, exercise and time with friends - ideally all activities take place while listening to good music. It's easy to feel pulled in a lot of directions so I try to focus on whatever I am doing, whether it is riding at Verticity, thinking through something at work or cooking/dancing in my kitchen. I am guilty of getting distracted and letting my mind wander - moving my body, eating awesome food and listening to music help me remember that I often take myself too seriously. Every day is an attempt to be mindful and be present; the best days are the ones spent with the people I love.

What are your favorite workouts away from Verticity?

  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Hiking mountains

Who is your dream rider?

Every rider who commits to turning it up and leaving it all on the bike. 

What are your best eats at each meal? 

Breakfast: EiO & The Hive
After Breakfast: Lynne Lorraine's
Before Lunch: Bakery by Frothy Monkey on Fatherland
Lunch: Butcher & Bee
After Lunch: Cafe Roze
Dinner: Henrietta Red
After Dinner: Rosemary & Beauty Queen

Guilty pleasures?

Spending long periods of time in the mountains.

Things you can't live without?

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Nature

What music is getting you super pumped right now? 

Anything that makes me want to dance.

Read more about Maki, or book your bike to ride with him! 

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