team VERTICITY’s Favorite Ways to Cross Train

When we aren’t cheering on our Maniac Pack, teamVERTICITY likes to explore the different fitness studios around the Nashville area. Whether it's at yoga, Pilates, barre classes, or boxing, we love to move, sweat, and challenge ourselves in new ways. We’ve put together a short list of some of the studios that are tried and true VERTICITY favorites. And because there are just too many for one post, stay tuned for more to come!


Hotbox Nashville is (creatively) exactly what it sounds like - an intensely effective kickboxing class located in The Gulch. With encouraging instructors (including our own Beccah!) and an accepting atmosphere, these classes are beginner friendly as well as adaptable to more advanced kickboxers. Self labelled as “the most intense, ass lifting, body toning, fat melting, group fitness session you’ll ever love,” we can completely verify that this is true, and that’s what keeps us coming back for more. They promise a lot and they deliver, even if we are sore for the next few days. Go hit a bag here.

Inner Light Yoga
Here at Verticity we ride to beat, and at Inner Light Yoga they move to the beat! As Nashville’s first music-based vinyasa yoga class, Inner Light Yoga pushes you to your limits and allows you to get lost in the flow. Founded by power couple Lee and Emmy Singer, ILY focuses on getting you on the mat and out of your head. Walking through the door you’ll see a sign on the wall that says “Here you are welcomed. Here you are loved.” and that pretty much sums up how we feel at every ILY class. With playlists including every artist from The Rolling Stones to Beck you are sure to find your own space at Inner Light Yoga. Get your flow on here.

Barré @ Vigor Fitness and Wellness Studio
Vigor Fitness and Wellness Studio is an upbeat fitness studio located right off of 5th Ave offering one-on-one personal training as well as group fitness classes - one of which is our favorite barre class, Barré. Courtesy of VERTICITY's Kelsey and Julia, Barré classes are a combination of yoga, Pilates, dance and functional training that take place in a room resembling a ballet studio with loud music pumping you up throughout the whole class. It is a full body workout, incorporating precise movements designed to focus on developing lean muscle and improving flexibility. We love it’s low impact, yet high results, technique making it easier on our joints to get in shape. Barré like rosé here.

Studio Novo by LAGREE Fitness
With locations in Cool Springs and West Meade, Studio Novo has become one of our favorite ways to squeeze in a full-body workout that leaves us with intense results (aka soreness) the next day. The LAGREE method combines a reformer and body resistance to push you to your body’s full capacity. We went as a team last month and took a class led by Addie, and trust us when we tell you this workout is next level. Step up to the challenge here.

Well Body Pilates
Well Body Pilates in one of our favorite Pilates studios in the Nashville area (near us on the east side and newly on the west side) for its contemporary, updated feel to classic reformer Pilates practices. With a full body workout, targeting muscles in a way that you probably haven’t experienced or thought about before, it will build lean muscle and increase flexibility. Pilates is a good way to get a solid workout in without having to sweat out your entire body weight or have an instructor screaming in your ear. Tone it up here.

We have so many favorite ways to get a little extra sweat in here at VERTICITY, so stay tuned for future posts featuring more of our friends in the local fitness community!