100/200/300 CLUB RIDERS

We cannot believe the hard work you all put in over the past year! Actually, knowing the strength, passion, and dedication of this Maniac Pack, yes we can. ;) But it still blows our minds to think of what it takes to ride 100 times, 200 times, and even 300 times (holy wow, two riders are almost there) in a year. Next week as we celebrate our One Year Anniversary, we'd like to take a moment to honor these riders. 


200 CLUB

Whitney Stovall
Kelsey McNew
Kaitlin Parker
Brandy Giannini
Megan Welsh
Molly Gaines
Phillips Harbarger

100 CLUB

Cori Nash
Chelsea Hubbell
Leslie Smith
Emily Spencer
Amanda Hill
Marilyn Meyers
Katherine Rautenberg
John Shenouda
Flannery Gallagher
Brittany Witt
Kristen Anderson
Mollie Ward
Freddy Schwenk
Hannah Fitzpatrick
Michelle Bailey
Chris Lossing
Ashley Bordigon
Dan Fitzpatrick
Kendra Arnold
Alexa Denner
Ashley Hall
Jamie Dufty
Kristin Kennedy
Jennifer Biggs
Jacoby Plyler
Alexis Soler
Jacob Herren
Alicia Cochran
Claire Kelsey
Kate McNeill
Robin Vance